Need Help with Moving Overseas?

Need Help with Moving Overseas?

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Moving overseas can be a daunting prospect. There is a lot to take into account when moving overseas, such as potential cost of living in your new home country, cultural awareness, visas and passports, cost of actually moving to your new home (including plane tickets and temporary transport), and how you’re going to get all your belongings to your new home. Moving overseas from South Africa can be even more daunting, especially if you don’t have a lot of capital to facilitate your move to a country that is most likely much more expensive. If you need help with moving overseas, Elliott is the right international removals company in South Africa to ask.

Elliott can’t help you with obtaining visas or work sponsorships, but we are an international removals company (based in South Africa) that can help you with moving overseas. We are experienced in and can facilitate international removals from almost anywhere in the world (except for places like Antarctica, North Korea, and Western Sahara). Before undertaking any international removals, Elliott undertakes an extensive process of inventory checking (i.e., taking note of everything you’re shipping to your new destination to ensure it all arrives safely), as well as providing tracking updates to ensure movers always know where their belongings are.

Some of the World’s most Popular Emigration Spots for South Africans

The world is a big place. People moving overseas from South Africa are spoiled for choice (there are more than 195 countries in the world). The most popular choices seem to be predominantly English-speaking countries, but people are also emigrating from South Africa in significant numbers to countries where English is only the second official language. Elliott can organise international removals to and from any of the countries below.

The United Kingdom, land of the Queen and Fish & Chips. Despite Brexit, the UK remains a major hub for economic activities and international travel. Since English is the primary language spoken there, it offers virtually zero language barriers for potential immigrants. Although Brexit has made access to the European Union slightly more difficult than what was previously possible, residents can still use the country as a springboard to visit many of the nearby countries.

Australia, land of kangaroos and koalas. Jokes aside, Australia is famous for its (often dangerous) wildlife and spectacular scenery. Australia also offers many opportunities for exploring the outdoors, as there are large sections of the country that are either uninhabited or have very low populations. Australians are also very fond of their “barbies”, which can make any immigrant feel right at home.

The United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave. The USA has the strongest economy in the world, making it a lucrative market for expats. Each of the 50 states has its own unique culture and scenery, which makes choosing a home there an adventure on its own. Even if you wanted to move to a tropical paradise, you could still choose Hawaii!

New Zealand, land of the mighty All Blacks and the primary shooting location for Lord of The Rings. Even though New Zealand is a small country, it still managed to produce one of the Springboks’ biggest rival teams, the All Blacks. This means rugby fans may fit right in, although they may have to reconsider where their loyalties lie…

Canada, land of the moose and maple syrup. Canada is often considered to be the USA’s nicer neighbour. Its lower overall cost of living (and universal healthcare) compared to the United States makes it an attractive alternative to the latter country. A more indirect benefit of moving to Canada is that it shares a border with the USA, making it easier to travel and sample the best of both countries.

Other popular requests for international removals (and countries with significant expat populations) include the Netherlands, Namibia, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Sweden.

Welcome (Back) to South Africa

For some people, moving overseas could also mean moving to South Africa (or moving back). Uprooting your whole life isn’t always an easy decision to make, but when you do decide to make it, Elliott is here to help. We have many years of experience when it comes to international removals, so you can trust us to help you move across the world. Even if you decide to come home (wherever “home” is for you), we can still move your belongings.

For more information on international removals, click here.

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