Professional House Movers

Why Make Use of Professional House Movers?

If you have stayed at the same house for a long time, you have probably accumulated various furniture pieces of considerable worth. Should you need to move house you will be anxious to avoid damage to these expensive pieces. Professional house movers are able to minimise the risk of damage, whilst this might not always be the case when untrained people like family members and friends assist you with the move. In addition, if it is a long-distance move, you will certainly not want to move house using trailers or hiring small trucks. You need professional house movers with the right equipment. Below are the advantages of using experienced furniture removers for both long- and short-distance moving.


In most instances, people do not know exactly what size moving truck they will need. They do not know the weight limitations and, because their furniture and other household items are arranged in the house rather than stacked in one place, they cannot gauge the space requirements for transportation. Professional house movers will be able to assess exactly what size of truck will be required and, because they are experienced in calculating the weight of furniture, they will be able to determine the load weight. With the guesswork removed from the equation, you can expect accurate quotes and can budget accordingly.

Packing Assistance

Unless you regularly move house, you probably do not have all the materials at hand to pack your valuables. Professional house movers have the required materials and, should you wish to pack your belongings yourself, you can purchase these materials from them. As an alternative, you can save time by having the movers handle the packing. In this way, you will be sure that every item will be packed in such a way as to minimise the risk of damage. They also know how to ensure that the boxes or crates are not too heavy for safe lifting. In addition, on the day of the move, they will arrange the boxes to ensure a balanced load.

Special Packaging

Some items are more vulnerable than others. Electronic equipment, artwork, musical instruments, antiques, glassware, expensive carpets, and mirrors require special care to prevent damage. Professional house movers understand the packing and transporting requirements of such items. If your belongings are valuable to you, it is better to leave the move to the professionals.

Self-Storage Facilities

Many professional house movers, such as Elliott Mobility, also offer storage facilities. You may not immediately want to move all your belongings across the country. In this case, you will appreciate the storage facilities for items such as:

Vehicles (boats, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, caravans, and trailers).

Household items (valuables and furniture).

Plants (greenhouse facility).

Pet Moving Services

If you make use of our experienced professional house movers, you also have access to professional pet moving services. Your animals are part of the family and having to transport them long-distance in your vehicle can be a traumatising experience for them. As part of our specialised home moving services, we provide you with assistance in getting the pets to your new home with the least amount of stress for both you and them.

Transport of Expensive Artworks

Just one scratch is all that is needed to significantly reduce or even destroy the value of a piece of art. Likewise, moisture, sunlight, and heat can also cause irreversible damage to the artwork. Do not risk losing your investments by packing and transporting such items yourself if there are experienced professional house movers that can assist.

Relocation Assistance

Whether you are moving to another city in South Africa or need to move overseas, you will appreciate the range of relocation services available as part of our comprehensive service offering. Learn where the medical practitioners are located and where to find good schools near your new home by making use of our relocation services.

If you consider how much time you save when making use of professional house movers, you must agree that trying to do everything without professional assistance is simply not worth it. Apart from time savings, you have the assurance of safe packing, loading, transporting, and delivering of your furniture and other household items. Get an accurate quote on furniture removal. Call on our consultants to assess your particular furniture removal requirements.