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Affordable Removal Companies

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8 Questions to Ask When Looking for Affordable Removal Companies

Of course, you don’t want to add to your burden when making use of removal companies. As such, look for affordable movers. However, you cannot buy a sports car for the price of a small- budget vehicle. That said, it is important to ask a few questions in your search for affordable removal companies to ensure that you get quality at an affordable price. We briefly discuss these questions.

  • What Is the Moving Company’s Process?

Not all affordable removal companies work according to set procedures. It is, therefore, essential to ask how the company works. You want to know whether they are able to provide local or national moving services, what equipment they have, and how many trucks they have in case of a breakdown. How many hours do they normally stay at your premises? How many hours or days do you have for loading? Do they offer a loading team? Do they have their own drivers?

  • Are There Any Fees Not Included in the Quote?

Don’t mistake basic quotes as being inclusive of everything. It is one thing to look for affordable removal companies and another to skimp on quality. Ask about additional fees for fuel, insurance, tax, collection, and the likes. You do not want unpleasant billing surprises.

  • How Long Does It Take for Moving the Items from Point A to B?

Don’t assume that just because the items are collected on a Monday morning that the move will be completed the same day. This is especially true with long-distance moves. It may take as many as four weeks for some removal companies to deliver your household goods once picked up. As such, also make sure that you don’t pack anything that cannot be stored for a couple of days. Professional movers should be able to give you an accurate estimate of when your items will arrive at the new home.

  • Are Goods Transported with Other Items or Is the Truck Just for My Household?

Of course, you can expect to pay less if your goods are transported with another person’s items. However, the moving company must inform you if this is the case. Will the company unload your items in a warehouse and then load them together with another load onto a truck for the specific destination? Multiple households can share the same truck if there are not enough items to fill one large truck from one household. Make sure that you know how the process works and decide whether you are happy with the system. Making use of professional and affordable removal companies helps to ensure transparency.

  • Does the Removal Company Offer Tracking of the Goods?

For your peace of mind, it is best to use one of the affordable moving companies that offer a tracking facility. This will enable you to check exactly where your household items are in transit. It will also make the planning process easier. Imagine not knowing that the truck is just one hour from the delivery address, while you are an entire day’s journey away from the destination. To avoid this logistical error, work with a company that provides tracking of the move.

  • What Is the Company’s Cancellation Policy?

Things can change quickly. It may just work out that you cannot move anymore or decide to stay in town because of a job offer. In such an instance, you will want to cancel the move or perhaps just move the date of transport. Enquire beforehand about cancellation fees and dates. This will help you plan for emergencies and help you budget for unforeseen circumstances.

  • Is the Moving Date Set in Stone?

Can the moving company guarantee that a truck of the right size will be available for the particular day? Can the company guarantee the date of the move? Enquire about such, as you don’t want uncertainty when it comes to moving. You at least need a reasonable timeframe for planning purposes.

  • How Does the Insurance Work?

In most instances, the affordable moving companies have insurance, but it makes sense to arrange for the cover of the items from your insurer as well. Enquire about insurance administration assistance.

Give us a call for answers on the above questions and to have a consultant do a free site visit in order to provide you with an accurate quote.

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