Furniture Removal Companies in South Africa

Moving always seems to be a lot more stressful than initially planned and having to take care of it all by yourself, is even more daunting. However, trusting a furniture removal company with your belongings can feel scary in itself. But that’s just because you haven’t found the right one. At Elliott Mobility, we invest extensive time and care into the moving/storage of each and every piece we pack. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of why Elliott Mobility stands out above the rest.


A Company You Can Trust

When it comes to moving your personal collection, you should put the task in the hands of people who understand it’s worth as much as you do. From requesting a quote to saying our final goodbye at your new home – we’re here to help. You can rest assured that we will handle the contents of your home with the same consideration that went into choosing it. The carpet could be the one your little one took their first steps or the antique table that has hosted family dinners for decades. We understand that we aren’t just working with furniture, but with a family.


Specialist Teams

When moving with Elliott Mobility, you will be assigned your own personal expert crew. They are experienced packer-uppers but can also take responsibility and help with specialised items that need extra care and unique packing. There is no task too big or small for Elliott Mobility. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and ensuring that you, your family, and your personal items are taken care of from start to finish. Our services also include the help of a handyman and valet to help you get set up and feel at home right from the start.


Make Your Move Eco-Friendly

At Elliott Mobility, we are conscious about our place in the world, which is why we introduced our environmentally friendly Envirowise Boxes – a first in the industry in South Africa. When moving, there are a thousand things to think of all at once. The impact of how we plan and manage our move, however, shouldn’t have a negative impact on the environment when it’s our duty to conserve it. Our Envirowise Boxes are an innovative way to lessen the impact on the environment.


The Next Step: Moving Day

Right, so now that you’ve decided whether or not you’d like to use a furniture removal company, there are still a few things that you’re likely going to want to take care of yourself.

Even with the most detailed packing plan, moving to a new house can be a daunting task for anyone to take on. Before you know it, the mess is bigger than you’ve expected and the organised chaos you’ve created, pretty much just feels like chaos. When moving, it can be surprising how much stuff you’ve managed to store over the years, especially once the cabinets and cupboards are emptied. Although there are always willing hands who will help where they can, some might prefer to organise and pack their house themselves.

Here are a few tips and tricks that might help you when you are moving to a new house to make it as hassle-free as possible.


Declutter Before You Start Packing

Treat your new move as an opportunity for a much-needed spring clean and a fresh start. Before you start the big pack, take a day to declutter your rooms. This includes drawers, pantry rooms and cabinets. Find anything that you can donate, re-home or throw away and put it aside. This way, you are far less likely to feel overwhelmed once you need to start boxing up. Schedule a pick-up time for people to come to pick up the items you’re giving away. This will ultimately save time when packing and will allow you to move into your new place without any unnecessary items that you may have been holding on to for too long.


Colour Code Different Rooms

Although many furniture removal companies in South Africa offer to do the packing up for you, some people may prefer to do it by themselves. The golden rule of packing up: you need a system. Make the process a bit easier and more organised by labelling your boxes according to the different rooms, assigning each room a different colour. This will make it much easier when unpacking the boxes, so you can easily identify which boxes go where, rather than playing an unnecessary game of eye-spy the tiny label.


Pack the Necessities Last

It’s so easy to get carried away when packing up your house. However, it’s important to remember that whatever you pack first, will find itself in the bottom of the moving box and will most likely be unpacked last, especially when you need it the most. Be sure to keep in mind which items you’ll want to use immediately when you arrive in your new place and keep them aside to pack last. Make sure your toiletries, cleaning supplies and your toolbox are all handy whenever you need them.


Save Space by Using Household Items

Make use of the items that you have around the house when packing, especially when it comes to packing the smaller items around the kitchen. Many of them can double as a moving box. Fill up your pots with small kitchen items, instead of wasting additional boxes. Do the same with any other sealable containers you can find around the house. This will save you a ton of space in the long-run and will prevent the pesky tiny items from rattling around during the move.


Leave the Hangers

There are a few things in life that feel as mundane as hanging up clothes in the cupboard after a long day of moving. Instead of taking the clothes off the hanger and putting them back on as soon as you’re in your new place, save time and pack them away straight on the hanger. This way, when you’re unpacking, you can simply take them out and hang them up immediately, saving a lot of time and energy.

Luckily, you don’t have to take on anything you can’t handle. Be sure to contact Elliott Mobility if you’re looking for a professional furniture removal company in South Africa to help you with your next move. From furniture removal to cleaning and forwarding, we’ve got you covered. Need help creating a checklist? Need some extra hands packing? We specialize in designing full-service solutions to take care of every aspect of your move. Browse our full range of services here:

If you’re feeling ready to start planning your move, give us a call and we’d be happy to help. If you enjoyed this read, you might also benefit from reading more tips and tricks for your next move here.