Furniture Removal Services in Pretoria

5 Packing Tips to Make Furniture Removal Easier

Unless your friends are experts in moving house and willing to help you relocate, it is better to make use of professional furniture-removal services in Pretoria rather than do it yourself. To this end, we offer you an extensive range of furniture-removal services in Pretoria, which include:

  • Free site visit for accurate quotes.
  • Packing materials.
  • Packing and unpacking.
  • Insurance cover.
  • Pet relocation.
  • Vehicle transportation.
  • Range of storage facilities.
  • Fine-art relocation.
  • Transportation

These are only a few of our furniture-removal services in Pretoria and you are invited to make use of one or all the services for a hassle-free move to and from Pretoria, or from one suburb to another in the city. However, since we have you covered in terms of getting your valuables safely from one place to another, let us look at a few tips to help you pack effectively, should you be in a hurry to move:

Set Up the Packing Headquarters

It sounds serious, but, come to think of it, you are taking everything you have from one location to another. It can be daunting. When we say headquarters, we mean a packing post. You do not have to allocate an entire room; a corner in the house is fine if it is a dedicated area for packing and marking boxes.

Stock the Packing Post

No general goes to war without his troops, and you do not go packing without packing materials. Stock up on tape, wrapping material, markers, labels, and boxes at the dedicated area. Also, collect rubbish bags for sorting. Many items are thrown out when you move, and it is best to do so before moving day.

Fill Boxes, Drawers, and Any Open Spaces

Of course, when you make use our furniture-removal services in Pretoria, we can provide you with item-appropriate boxes and pack space. If, however, you go it alone and need to save time and space, you can fill dresser drawers with light clothing. Cover the drawers in plastic wrap or, if you leave the drawers in the dressers, tie them or lock them to prevent them from opening while moving the furniture.

Pack with Weight in Mind

Do not fill boxes randomly, as you will end up with unused space. Pack according to room and type of item. However, overloaded boxes have a tendency to break. Pack heavier items in smaller boxes for easy carrying and reducing the risk of box bottoms falling out.

Do Not Fold – Keep It Hanging

Unless you have the time and space, it is better to keep clothes on the hangers. As part of our furniture-removal services in Pretoria, we can pack the clothes in wardrobe boxes. Such boxes make it possible to keep the clothes on the hangers and thus save time and space.

There you have it. A few tips to make packing easier. Make it even easier by having Elliott Mobility do it as part of our furniture-removal services in Pretoria. Get in touch for a quote or more information.