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5 Services Every Furniture Removal Company Should Offer, But Don’t

Moving house entails more than just loading furniture onto the removal truck and transporting it. The entire relocation process takes careful planning and every add-on service available can help make the moving process easier. Here are 5 such services that all furniture-removal companies should offer to help make your life easier:

Storage Facilities to Keep All Your Belongings Safe

You should never store batteries, plants, antiques, and artworks in a garage. Yet, far too many people do so to keep their belongings safe until they can transport the items in their new homes. Dust, moisture, rodents, and risk of a break-in or fire always exist. What is the solution? Select a furniture-removal company that offers you safe and secure storage space, specifically suited for your items. They should be able to offer short-, medium-, and long-term storage facilities to meet your requirements. You can keep the belongings in the relevant storage facilities until you are ready to relocate, or store the items there if you only plan to stay at another abode temporarily. Your plants can be stored in a greenhouse facility, ensuring the correct temperature and that they are watered as required. Antiques and expensive carpets, musical instruments, and artworks can be stored in climate-controlled storage units. You can even store your boats and vehicles until you are ready to collect them.

Vehicle Relocation

You may have three or four vehicles and not enough people to drive them. Look for a furniture-removal company that can offer vehicle-relocation services as well. It is difficult enough as it is to get all your belongings and pets from one place to another. You should not have to stress about your vehicles too. You could even opt to store one in the storage facility and use it only when you visit your old town. Alternatively, keep the vehicles and boats in storage and when needed, have the furniture-removal company move them to your new abode.

Pet Relocation for Safe Travelling of Your Furry Friends

If you love dogs, you may end up with quite a few of them. However, when it comes to relocation, the sheer logistics of getting them to their new home can be challenging, especially if you have dogs that are supposed to be kept apart or need special care. Having to transport them in your car might not be an option. There are rest stops to consider, the dogs’ safety, and the fact that having the animals in the car might distract you. Make use of a furniture-removal company that offers pet-relocation services as well. Whether the company arranges for safe road transport in specially designed cages or help you with the logistics of getting them to the airport and safely flown to the new destination, it is one service that can reduce the frustration level of moving house.

Fine-Art Relocation to Keep Your Investments Safe

Consider the value of your artworks and you will agree that transporting them brings unique challenges. Apart from the correct packaging, you are worried about climate control, the risk of sunlight exposure, rain, and theft. Even the removal from your home is risky. You want professionals to handle the process. This is a service that furniture-removal companies must be able to provide, but few do. Make sure your heirloom pieces are packed, stored, and moved safely way by making use of a company with a proven track record in relocating artworks.

Packing Your Belongings

One of the stressful parts of moving is packing everything. Your special tea set, grandfather clock, vinyl collection, bedroom suites, cutlery, books, clothing, and more must all be specially packed. Unless you are a pro in moving house, you probably do not have all the right tools, packaging material, and marking regime in place. Here too you can benefit from the packing assistance offered by professional furniture-removal companies. The team of movers has a system to ensure everything is packed as it should and marked for identification.

If you are shopping for furniture-removal quotes, keep all these services in mind. We offer all these and many other helpful services to help make the moving process hassle-free.

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