Furniture Removals Port Elizabeth

Tips on Storage of Goods When Moving House in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is a stunning city – and you are moving there. Or perhaps, you plan to move from Port Elizabeth to Jeffrey’s Bay or from one PE suburb to another. Regardless, you will benefit from making use of our company for furniture removals. We offer you a free site visit for an accurate quote. In addition, we can do your packing, unpacking, transportation, and storage.

Whether you need help with pet relocation, assistance with transporting your vehicles and boats, or safe storage for your plants and artworks, we offer these, in addition to standard furniture removals in Port Elizabeth. However, should you decide to store a few items in a container or perhaps a garage, be careful not to store the items discussed below in such a manner. Rather speak to us about special storage facilities to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Family Photos, Important Documents, and Artworks

Unless you pack these items in special crates to protect against dust, moisture, mite, and pests, rather use special containers at dedicated facilities. With Port Elizabeth being a coastal city, moisture and mould growth is a risk and, before you know it, your special items are ruined. Let us help you keep these items safe as part of our range of furniture-removal and -storage services. Special packaging is needed for artworks. Our team handles this in a professional manner for furniture removals.

Vehicle Batteries

Did you know that placing a vehicle battery on the concrete floor of the garage could cause it to drain? A drained battery is ruined and a waste of space. Newer battery types are less likely to be affected, but just to be sure, always store the battery on a piece of wood. This also applies if you store it in one of our storage facilities. We are experienced in furniture removals and as such, we make sure that if we transport batteries in Port Elizabeth, that they are correctly packed, stored, and moved.

Perishable Goods

Regardless of where food or perishable items are stored, they have short shelf lives. Rather clean out the fridge and consume or give away perishables than trying to store them in containers. Do not store them in a fridge placed in a storage unit. Power outages can ruin the food, leading to a health hazard.

Get professional help with storage and furniture removals in Port Elizabeth. Give us a call to discuss your specific storage and moving needs.