Furniture Removals Durban

Why You Need Furniture Removal Companies in Durban

You may decide to move from Durban to Johannesburg, or simply from one suburb in the city to another. However, moving without professional help is an option many choose to do, even though it is the most difficult option. If you use a furniture removals provider in Durban, you can have an easy move and save on costs, associated with damage to furniture, possible breakdowns, and more at the end of the day.

DIY Versus Professional Furniture Removals

When you decide to move, consider comparing a DIY move to a professional one. Here is a list of the things you need to consider:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Truck hire
  • Heavy furniture
  • Valuables


Who Is Doing Your Packing and Unpacking?

Sure, you can pack all your belongings on your own. However, this will take up valuable time, and it will take longer than when done by a company that offers furniture removals in Durban. All you have to pack is your small and sentimental items, clothing, and overnight essentials. Professional movers can do the rest. For a small fee, you do not have to take time off from work to pack, as well as find boxes, crates, and wrapping.

Are You Hiring a Truck?

Yes, it is an option, but a very expensive one at that. When you hire a truck, you have to remember that the fuel costs will come out of your pocket. Imagine what the fuel will cost from Durban to Cape Town. If you intend to rent a truck and drive to your new destination yourself, but you need to have a licence to drive a truck of that size. Otherwise, you will have to hire a driver, which adds to the expenses, associated with doing furniture removals without professional help. Moving companies provide a truck, driver, and the fuel. They can also help with packing and unpacking for an additional fee. The fee is small if you think about all the effort, time, and risks you are not taking.

Are You a Very Strong Person?

If not, how will you carry your heavy furniture pieces? Will you get help from your friends? Alternatively, will you hire a group of men to help, knowing that they will not pay for damaging any of your furniture?

Our team of movers are experienced in dismantling, carrying, and wrapping furniture. We know exactly how to handle small and large items, and in case of the very small chance of disaster that items are damaged, we have insurance to cover it. Furniture removals can cause injury, and this may mean hospitalisation or related medical costs. You reduce your risks when using our professional team for furniture removals in Durban.

How Important Are Your Valuables?

How far will you go to protect the family heirloom tea set that you inherited? As professional movers, we go the extra mile. We know how to pack valuable items, and how to transport the items with care.

Reduce costs and risks associated with furniture removals in Durban, by making use of our professional services.