Looking for Removal Companies?

Looking for Removal Companies Offering More Than Just Furniture Transportation?

Are you looking for removal companies? Do you need a firm that can handle just about any type of move and provide special services? If your answer is yes, you should consider your specific moving needs.


Looking for Removal Companies to Help with Relocation to Another Town in South Africa?

One of the most difficult decisions to make is whether to use a removal company in your town or the destination town. To this end, make use of national movers with an extensive network of offices and partners. This way, you will save money, as the company will only charge for the trip to the destination, instead of including the return fee in their quote.


Looking for Removal Companies to Assist with Pet Relocation?

Rather than having to find pet relocation service providers in addition to a moving company, you can make use of a removal firm that can coordinate the relocation of your animals with the safe transportation of the furniture. You save time, money, and frustration.


Searching for Furniture Removal Providers That Can Handle Fragile and Special Items?

To this end, make sure that the removal company has experience in moving antiques, artworks, and electronics. The company should have the lifting equipment and temperature controlled transportation means where needed.


Need a Removal Firm That Offers Safe Storage and Transportation of Houseplants?

People frequently complain that removers damage their houseplants or fail to provide proper care while in transportation. Unless the firm has special greenhouse facilities for storage of the plants, as well as experience in transporting temperature- and climate-sensitive plants from one place to another, rather transport your plants in the vehicle. However, with a long-distance move, you most probably do not have space in your vehicle to move large or sensitive houseplants. Therefore, make use of a firm that can offer everything, from transporting the plants to the greenhouse storage facilities to completing the move with the least amount of stress for the plants.


Looking for Removal Companies Offering Free Quotes?

Most removers provide free quotes. The problem is that they expect you to indicate the exact number of boxes and items according to their predefined forms. But, no two moves are the same. You have fishing rods, canoes, music instruments, and more that you need to be moved. However, the quote’s form does not make provision for the items. The solution is to find a removal company that is willing to send a consultant to your home for a full assessment of what needs to be packed, stored, and moved. The consultation should be free and thorough to ensure an accurate quote.


Requiring Assistance with Packing?

Of course, it is always better to pack your own items, but what if you do not have time? Just the logistics of having to move from one town to put down roots in another can be stressful enough. You need to notify SARS and creditors of your new address, make sure that you have a forwarding address, cancel your post office box, cancel the landline, arrange for the disconnection of electricity and water, and so much more. On top of all this, you also have to pack! As such, make use of moving firms that offer partial and full packing and unpacking services. In this way, you can focus on all the other aspects of the move, whilst the tedious packing is handled by professional movers.


Need Temporary Storage Space?

Of course, you may still have items that you do not want to be moved yet. You may move into a furnished home for six months before you settle for a more permanent abode. What do you do with your furniture? You can sell it, but once you are ready to settle, you will want your own furniture. To this end, it pays to find one of the removal companies offering safe and secure storage space for your vehicles, plants, electronics, antiques, documents, and normal household furniture in appropriate storage facilities.

If you are looking for removal companies that can offer any or all of the above services, we recommend getting in touch with our firm. We meet and exceed all of the above requirements, and provide affordable and professional services.