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How to Save on the Cost of Furniture Removal in Johannesburg

Moving to a new house can be expensive, but with a bit of planning, you can save considerably when making use of professional movers in Johannesburg. Follow the tips below on how to pay less and still make use of the best furniture removal company.

Get Rid of Clutter

We all hoard a few items in our homes. Sometimes we buy new furniture, but never get around to sell or remove the old items. It is only once we want to move that we realise how many unused or obsolete items we still have.

Start with the garage, as it is the most likely place to have junk items. Remove all junk and then check the garden shed for more items that can be sold or thrown away. Now go through all the cupboards in the house and then consider all the larger furniture pieces. Give away pieces where you can or sell the entire batch at an auction.

Once the clutter is removed, you will be in a better position to list items that must be moved.  Fewer appliances, documents, cables and tools also mean easier packing and unpacking. Of course, with fewer items to move, you can also save on the cost of movers in Johannesburg.

Cheaper is Not Always Better

You may be tempted to go with the cheapest movers in Johannesburg. Be careful though. If the movers are too cheap, the chances are that they have under quoted. You want experienced movers, who ask market-related prices, rather than quoting too low and then compromising on service and quality delivery.

Check whether the movers are registered with international and local moving bodies, what their history is, what the size of their fleet is, and which types of items they have moved before. You want a company that is accredited, has good insurance, and follows best practices in packing, transporting and delivering your belongings.

Better yet, choose furniture movers who are willing to visit your house in order to make an accurate estimate of what needs to be moved before they provide a quote.

Do Not Leave Home Without Insurance

Insurance may seem like just another expense and you may think that it is simply not worth the cost, but considering the risk of an accident or damage to items because of an incident over which the furniture removal company has no control, and you will agree that it is better to be prepared. Rather be safe than sorry.

Planning Helps to Address Issues

Do not wait until the last week before arranging with the movers in Johannesburg. A job done in a hurry is usually sloppy. Arrange as early as possible to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Choose the Best

Choose Elliott Mobility as your furniture removal company and experience the joy of working with an experienced moving company in Johannesburg.

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