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Make Your Small House Feel Bigger – Get Help from Moving Companies in Durban

Relocating to a smaller home doesn’t necessarily have to feel like a downgrade. Look for furniture moving companies in Durban early on to plan the move better. A small house has a cosy ambience, but sometimes, this is not the desired feeling. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can create whatever atmosphere you desire.

Tips to Give Your Small House a Big Appearance

Believe it or not, moving companies in Durban can help to make your new place more spacious. With services like furniture removal and storage facilities, moving companies can remove the clutter from your abode. Below are tips to give your house a spacious and open look.


Out with the Old

If your current home is stacked with heavy furniture that is way too large for the smaller place you are moving to, get rid of the pieces. You don’t necessarily have to sell all your belongings. You can make use of the storage offered by furniture removal companies in Durban. This way, if you ever move into a mansion, you have the items to fill it, although, selling unnecessary belongings can benefit you as well. It will save you quite a bit on relocation costs.

A Handyman Can Fix It

If you need to change the lights to brighten up the apartment, call in a handyman. Warm lights give a casual feel, while bright lights offer a more modern look. Create a spacious look by using white or pastel colours to paint your home. This is another great service you can get a handyman to do. Ask the movers if they know of experienced handymen in Durban to assist with the process.

Stop Hoarding and Start Collecting

Your house will be more spacious if you pack away, sell, or store the random items gathered over the years. This may, however, leave a dull interior. To fix this small problem, you can still collect items, just in moderation. Use large paintings, statues, or plants to give your home a new and stylish look.

Call us, as one of the established removal companies in Durban, to help with the furniture removal tasks. We have state-of-the-art storage facilities for household furniture, greenhouse facilities for houseplants, and facilities to store vehicles. We can handle everything from small to large loads, and have experience in moving art pieces.