Reliable Removal Companies

Services You Can Expect from Experienced and Reliable Removal Companies

Moving from one town to another is already a daunting task, but moving from a city in Gauteng to a town in the Western Cape entails exceptional planning and extensive resources. With such a far-reaching operation, you need to make use of one of the reliable removal companies in the country.

You have items that must go into storage, pets that must be relocated, vehicles that must all go to the new home, and valuable belongings to move to the new address. It is a long-distance move and timing is crucial, since you want to avoid having to drive over the mountain passes at night. Working with one of the local providers, even if it is one of the reliable removal companies, simply does not work. You need a company with a national footprint – one that is able to transport your belongings safely.

Affordability is also important. Distance is already a factor that contributes to the high cost of moving house from the inland to the coast. A local company will not have offices and agencies in the various towns of the country.

Working with one of these reliable removal companies gives you access to different services that are all important for a long-distance move, some of which are briefly discussed below.

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Simply completing an online form and ticking the boxes of the items you want moved does not do it with such a long-distance move. You may have many items that are not on the service provider’s list, such as canoes, bicycles, cycle racks, trampolines, lawnmowers, trimmers, music instruments, loose mirrors, antique collections, and more. To this end, it is important to make use of reliable removal companies that are willing to send consultants to your home to assess the extent of the move, inspect access routes, and discuss the date of the move. Only a few companies are willing to do so free of charge, but we are one of them.

Moving Expertise and Planning Assistance with Your Furniture Removal

With an entire household and maybe even your business to be moved over a thousand kilometres, you need expert help in planning and executing the move. With an expert to oversee the project, you can focus on aspects such as cancelling your utility bill, completing the sale of your home, finding employment for your domestic worker, changing addresses, and more. Making sure that all your vehicle licences are valid for at least another twelve months will be important, as you will first need to settle and get proof of your new address in the Western Cape before you can change the registration address of your vehicles.

Storage Facilities

It is not always possible to move everything at once. You may want to remove as many items from your home as possible, but don’t yet want the items to be moved to the new home. To this end, it is beneficial to use one of the reliable removal companies offering several types of storage facilities. We, once again, exceed expectations with storage facilities for:

  • Vehicles and boats.
  • Plants (greenhouse facilities).
  • Antiques and music instruments requiring temperature-controlled and dust-free facilities.
  • Containers that are ideal for crates and gardening equipment.
  • Normal household items.

Whether you want us to move specific items to our storage facilities in the Western Cape so long for easy moving from there to your new house at a time that is convenient for you, or to have the items stored safely in Gauteng for an extended period of time, you can rely on us to make the process easy, whilst ensuring the safety of your belongings.

Pet Relocation Assistance

Having to move pets cross-country is difficult at best. You want to minimise their stress while also ensuring their safety. They must get appropriate tags and housing. You want them to arrive at a certain date and you want to minimise the time away from them. Do not stress, as we have you covered with our professional assistance in relocating your pets.

The above are only a few of the services you can expect from reliable removal companies. We offer many more to help make the move to the coast as hassle-free as possible. Get in touch with us for professional and reliable assistance.