Removal Services in South Africa

Removal Services in South Africa

Removal services

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Why Use Business Furniture and Equipment Removal Services in South Africa?

Moving is stressful, but moving a business is even more so. It can make or break your company. You thus need to prepare extremely well beforehand. Get in touch with companies offering removal services in South Africa before attempting to relocate. They might even offer some good advice for doing the move. We are one of the reputable and experienced office removal companies in South Africa, offering an extensive range of services.

Tips for Relocating in South Africa

There are many removal services in South Africa that help you move. If you want a hassle-free move, it is important that you have a set plan in place. Consider these tips to ensure a streamlined moving process:

  • Book the relevant removal services well ahead of the moving date.
  • Donate or sell unnecessary items.
  • Label all your boxes.
  • Spread the word that you are moving.
  • Set up a checklist.
  • Be careful with electronics and sensitive equipment.

Make Use of Office-Removal Services in South Africa

It is one thing to do a DIY move of your house, but a business move is something entirely different and you certainly do not want to attempt moving it without professional assistance. Book the moving company at least a month to two before the planned move. If you call too late, you may end up with high rates or no assistance at all, though you will find that we offer removal services in South Africa sometimes even on short notice.

Ged Rid of the Junk

Regardless of the industry in which your business operates, you probably have unused equipment and furniture standing around. This is your chance to clean out the office and make sure you only have the items that you will really need at your new workplace. If you do not have time to sell the items, you can always donate the empty files, old drawers, and unused cabinets to schools and start-up businesses. It is better to have less to move than a bunch of unused and unnecessary items to drag along. It will help to save costs, time, and resources.

Be Meticulous

Detailed labelling will minimise the risk of items being lost or hard to find. This will also ensure that your unpacking process will be much faster. Packing and unpacking form part of our range of office-removal services in South Africa. You can save time, and know that everything is well organised by making use of these services.

Tell Customers You Are Leaving

Finding a prime location for your company is great, but if the customers do not know the new address, you risk losing your client base. If you want to keep previous customers and instantly get some new ones, you want to spread the word about the relocation. Update your website and social media pages to ensure the new address is displayed. Do not forget to make new business cards and email clients to inform them about the relocation.

Double-Check Everything

Make a checklist of tasks that must be completed before the moving date. The removal company will not wait on the day for you to finish packing or sorting items. If the movers have to wait, you will probably pay an extra fee for their time. Do not assume that your employees will do the tasks you have asked them to complete.  Double-check everything! Or you could have our project managers handle the entire planning, packing, and relocation process on your behalf, which will enable you to focus on core business activities and thus minimise downtime.

Do Not Break Your Equipment

If you have expensive printers, computers, or other electronic devices, you surely do not want these items to be damaged during the moving process. Wrap computer screens in protective wrapping. Remove printer cartridges and unplug all cables from the devices. If you are unsure whether you will be able to pack these items securely, it is best to make use of our removal services in South Africa. We have the right packaging material and our teams have the experience to ensure best packing practices are followed.

Whether you need to move your music store, an electronics business, corporate office, or your medical practice, get professional help. Call us for more information about our specialised removal services in South Africa.

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