Cape Town Moving Services

Moving Services Cape Town Has to Offer

If you have ever considered moving to Cape Town, you must have tried to find a furniture-removal company. If not, then it might be because you do not know which Cape Town moving services are available. As explained below, furniture-removal companies offer far more than just moving items from one place to another.

Important Cape Town Moving Services

Furniture-removal companies in Cape Town may offer a wide range of value-adding services, including:

  • Vehicle transportation.
  • Pot plant transportation.
  • Pet relocation.
  • Packing and unpacking.
  • Safe storage.
  • Valet services.
  • Insurance coverage.
  • Fine art relocation.
  • Office relocations.

Let us look at some of these services to give you an idea of how a furniture removals firm can make life easier.

You Want to Drive Your Car There

You might wonder why you would get someone to transport your vehicle if you can just drive it there yourself. Well, if the road is dangerous and you do not want to risk an accident, it is a service to consider. In addition, if it is a long drive and you would rather not spend hours on the road, get a moving company to move your vehicle.

Moving Plants?

Someone owning a nursery might want help getting their plants to a new location and we can assist. The service is also useful for the average homeowner. Maybe you have been growing a beautiful garden and you would like to take some of your plants with instead of having to start over from scratch at a new location.

Why You Need Insurance for A Move

If you do not want to lose everything, get insurance. Whether you make use of Cape Town moving services or not, insurance is recommended. Rather be safe than sorry. If anything is stolen, broken, or lost, you want to be able to replace it. A move is expensive and without insurance, you might not be able to do so.

Why You Should Let Someone Else Do Your Packing

If you want to save time, letting others handle the packing will free up a lot of it. It is also good for people who feel they are disorganised. The movers do the packing in a neat and organised manner. This will save you even more time at your new home when searching for items in boxes. Do not forget about all those fragile items you carry around. Movers will pack them securely and thus prevent breakage.

Your Pets Will Be Fine

You must be wondering whether entrusting your beloved pooch to strangers is wise. In the case of a long-distance move form Gauteng to Cape Town, it is the best choice to make. You might want to transport you pet in your car with you but think about all the rest stops and potty breaks. And what if you are not travelling by car? Leave it to someone who does this for a living and take the load off your shoulders.

With all these amazing Cape Town services, is a DIY move even an option? Call us for a quote and assistance to get your valuable items from A to B.