Why You Should Trust the Experts for Your Office Move

There are many reasons why you would want to move to a new office. Perhaps your lease on the old building is expiring and you have chosen to move rather than renew it due to rising rental costs, or maybe you simply feel like your company and employees need a change of scenery to boost productivity. Either way, you would probably be better off not conducting the big office move yourself. While there are aspects of such an undertaking you may wish to handle internally, it is better to leave the heavy lifting (both literally and figuratively) to experienced professionals like Elliott.

There are a few risks involved in moving your entire company to new physical premises, such as a drop in productivity or significant disruptions in the day-to-day business operations, which means you need to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. That’s where we come in.

We are experienced professionals, and our company has a rich and long-standing legacy in this industry. Our insight and expertise serve our customers well allowing us to excel in service excellence. It has also given us a wealth of experience in handling a wide variety of moving requests, which is beneficial for our customers and gives them peace of mind.

How Elliott’s Experience and Expertise Benefit Your Office Move

It is important for us to build trust and rapport with our clients. We pride ourselves in offering you support and service at every step of the moving process, from the beginning to the end. We built our business around our customers, and we try to cater to your every need as best we can. When you contact us to arrange an office move, you are entitled to the best service. Our focus on customer service and satisfaction offers you a sense of security in knowing that you are placing your belongings in the hands of the best company to safely reach your next destination.

We know what we are doing, and we know what works. Experience is not something one acquires overnight. While quick research will offer you a basic understanding of just about anything, it is more about knowing how to put that information to good use, which does take time. Since our inception, we have tried, tested and refined our approach, which ensures that we can move your office in a streamlined, efficient and professional manner.

Our extensive network of moving partners reaches nearly every corner of the globe. Our trusted network was built over time to ensure that we are able to offer you a comprehensive and bespoke service. So, whether you want us to move your office from Centurion to Midrand or from Cape Town to New York, we are up for the job.

We are directly affiliated with three international removals associations (FIDI, ICEFAT, and IAM) and one local organisation (The Road Freight Association). What this means for our customers is that we adhere to the highest local and international moving standards to ensure we are able to deliver the best possible service, no matter where our customers find themselves (or where they need to go).

We have also expanded upon our service offering over the years. Starting with a few humble moving trucks in the 1940s, we have expanded to include state-of-the-art, climate-controlled warehouses for storage, eco-friendly boxes and packaging, and custom crating for moving precious items and materials (read more about our services by clicking here). Though others may offer these individual services, we are equipped to offer an all-encompassing moving experience ensuring that you have to invest minimal time, effort and concern when working with us.

Choose Elliott for Your Next Office Move

It is important to choose experienced movers when you are moving to your new corporate space. Elliott makes light work of office moves and will have you relocated and ready for business without delay.

When choosing Elliott for your office move, you are not only choosing a company with national and international reach, a massive staff complement, and advanced moving equipment and facilities, but you are choosing an industry leader that has been in business since the late 1940s. Our experience also equips us with the expertise to handle your office move with care and professionalism, and these are only some of the benefits of choosing Elliott for your next office move. Contact us today.