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How to Avoid Extra Costs from Furniture Removal Companies – Use Our Services

We all know what a big expense moving can be. And, sometimes, furniture removal companies can add more costs to the list. This isn’t because they are trying to milk you for money, but because they have to cover an immense number of costs and still make a profit. However, there are ways for you to avoid the extra costs and only pay for the services you really need.


Tips to Avoid Spending Unnecessary Money

The reason services of furniture removal companies may seem expensive is because they want to go the extra mile for their customers. Most furniture removal companies try to complete the projects in the best and fastest possible way.

Protecting your belongings and getting them safely to the desired location, all with a friendly and calm expression, are what they offer. You can make use of all the services and experience the joy of not having to deal with packing, unpacking, storage, and more. However, if you want to save money, while also benefiting from their expertise and services, read the tips below.


Pick-Up and Delivery Address

You might put the wrong address on the form. Whether you moved recently, are unsure of the exact number in the street, or live in a remote area with a difficult address, it can happen.

Check and double-check the pick-up and delivery addresses before sending them to the moving company. If the truck driver has to drive in circles all day because he cannot find the address, you may end up with an unpleasant surprise on the bill.


Count Your Boxes

List everything that has to be moved and put the correct labels on crates. Organise boxes in such a way that you and the company representative can easily count and weigh them. Get an on-site quote before signing the agreement. This will afford you peace of mind, knowing that the quote is accurate.


Accessibility Can Cost You

If, for some reason, the truck has to park far away from your home, the price can increase. Try to park your car out of the way and move your belongings to one room or outside, if needed. Remember, the more time spent on your move, the more the workers need to be paid. Stairs, small doors, and anything else hindering access to your belongings can add costs to the bill.


Pack Your Own Boxes

If you want a more affordable move, pack with the help of friends and family, rather than pay professionals to do so. You know which items are important to you, and you can use whatever materials you feel are necessary for protection. Movers will do an excellent job, using only the best materials. They offer superb service if you don’t have time for it yourself. However, if you are working with a tight budget, compromising regarding luxury services can help you save money.


Plan for the Unforeseen and Do Not Rush

If you plan your move a while before it has to happen, then you have more time to do price shopping. It also allows you to do packing, labelling, and asking friends for help with the tedious parts of the move. It is likely that you will get better quotes from furniture removal companies if you schedule ahead of time. This makes it possible for them to draft better moving plans for you. It also gives time to iron out the details.


Peak Season

There is a peak season for every type of business. It is best to avoid using movers during the busy periods. If the furniture removal companies already have a dozen moves to do, their rates increase because the demand is higher. It is also more time consuming for drivers sitting in traffic, thus leading to more fuel usage.

Moving in the middle of a month might seem strange, but it is a common way to get a better price from movers. In the end, the amount you pay will determine how comfortable the move will be. However, you can still find reasonable prices for all the services you require when you make use of our company.


Make Use of Affordable Furniture Removal Companies

Even though we offer a range of value-added services, each of the services is priced to be affordable. Call us for more information about these services and discover how we can help you save on costs.