Don’t Waste Time! Hire the Right Moving Companies in South Africa

Change is always unexpected and more times than not, can land up being exactly what is needed. Change can also come in many forms, a different look for your home with a coat of paint, re-planting the garden or relocating to a new suburb, province or country. If you find yourself in the latter part of the list, then you need to make sure that amongst the many moving companies in South Africa, you choose the right one the first time around.

The complete package

Choosing amongst the list of moving companies in South Africa shouldn’t take long. You need to narrow your search criteria based on your individual requirements and on the moving company that can offer this. The last thing you need is a company that omits pertinent details that could be to your detriment.

Elliott offers clients complete peace of mind from beginning to end. Whether you are doing an inter-provincial move or taking the giant leap to move abroad, we will walk you through the entire process and lend a helping hand along the way.

Undecided on location

If you feel that you are not ready to settle down yet, or perhaps your new home is not quite ready for you, professional moving companies in South Africa should offer storage facilities where your prized possessions can be looked after whilst you are in temporary lodgings.

As far as moving companies in South Africa go, Elliott will not only move you to your new forever home, but we will also make sure that your possessions are looked after in our storage location with 24-hour security. A detailed inventory of your items is kept and we offer easy access to your possessions as and when you need them.

International relocation

Should you be moving overseas, you need to find moving companies in South Africa that can assist you in the process. Not only will you need assistance in getting the contents of your home or business safely transported, but also a company that will be able to help with the relocation process once you reach your destination. The last thing you need is to arrive in a foreign country with no place to go.

At Elliott, we understand how overwhelming this process can be and assure you that you won’t be left standing at the baggage terminal in Paris. Through our global network of best-in-class moving partners, there will be qualified personnel to greet you and help you get settled. From the initial planning and budgeting period to orientation tours and schools in your new town, we are here to support you.

Fur-baby anxiety

No home is complete without your trusted fur babies by your side. Professional moving companies in South Africa should offer the service of pet relocation. The stress that a pet goes through in the moving process is more than that of a human, and at Elliott we aim to make the transition to their new home as effortlessly as possible.

Damage or Theft

With theft and hi-jacking on the rise, it is advisable to obtain some sort of cover for your goods. In the event of damage or theft to your property whilst in transit, make sure that when choosing among moving companies in South Africa that you find one that offers insurance cover. As with any legal document, get familiar with its contents so that in the event of a claim you know that your items will be replaced.

Having in-house insurance administration allows Elliott to offer clients peace of mind knowing that their goods are covered and should any claims arise, settlement is done fast and efficiently.

All the horsepower you need

If you are a collector of vintage automobiles and motorbikes and the thought of having to sell them before you move leaves you with dreaded night terrors, then you need to find moving companies in South Africa that can not only relocate you, but also transport your beloved possessions safely.

Specialist vehicle carrier trucks organised through Elliott will ensure that your vintage collection remains in one piece, whether transported locally, internationally or stored temporarily. 

Whether you are moving to Table View or Timbuktu, Elliott offers customers a hassle and stress-free moving experience. Instead of going through the ABCs of moving companies in South Africa, go straight to “E” and choose Elliott.